Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Get geared up for Valentine's Day!

It's coming sooner than you think-Valentine's day is only 28 days away!  So what do you need to be ready?

1. Flowers

If you've never bought flowers for your loved one, Valentine's day is the perfect time to start.  It doesn't need to be elaborate (although we love to pull out all the stops sometimes), we have arrangements on our website for every budget, or call us for a one-of-a-kind designed piece.  Add-ons include locally made Abdallah candies, mylar and latex balloons, and cuddly plush animals. 

We can find someone to deliver to anywhere in the U.S, so don't hesitate to call us for long-distance relationships, we can help!

2. Gifts

Flowers are nice, but we also carry a wide variety of gifts in our shop.  Popular Valentine's items include unique jewelry, tons of home decor, and more candles than you could imagine!  You're sure to find the perfect gift for your valentine, no matter your budget.

3. Gift cards

If your valentine loves to shop for themselves, a gift card might be the perfect idea!  Customization for any amount, give the gift of a trip out to our beautiful shop, where they can find that special something.

And if you DO forget, don't worry.  We'll have plenty of fresh flowers to choose from on Valentine's day, so you can come home from work with a bouquet they'll love.

-Your flower-loving friends at Hummingbird Floral and Gifts

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Time for Tulips!

One things that keeps us florists going during these cold, late-winter days are tulips coming back into season, so we wanted to teach you all about these iconic flowers.

They might not look too alike, but tulips are actually part of the lily family, and are found in 75 distinct species.  The name 'tulip' is thought to come from the word 'turban', as their tight, wrapped blooms resemble the hat.  More exotic tulips, however, bloom more loosely, and resemble their lily cousins.

Image result for tulips
An exotic fringed tulip, showing the diversity of the species.

By far the largest producer of tulips is the Netherlands, and distributes over 3 billion bulbs a year in addition to mature blooms.  Much of the tulips at our store come direct from the Netherlands, where enormous fields of neon blooms are not uncommon.

Image result for netherlands tulips
A tulips field, showing just how many tulips are grown for the flower industry.
Tulips also make nice garden additions, and can easily be grown from bulbs.  Gardeningknowhow.com has a helpful guide on sprouting bulbs, just make sure to store them in a dry place until it's time for planting.

We hope thinking about tulips will help you think warm thoughts as we inch closer to spring!

-Your flower-loving friends at Hummingbird Floral and Gift.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Extreme cold and flowers: what you need to know

Here in Minnesota, we're enjoying below-freezing temperatures that chill to the bone.  But that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy fresh flowers!  Here are the best tips for buying flowers when the weather is frightful!

1. Make flowers your last stop.

If the flower shop is one of your stops for the day, save us for last; not only will the flowers spend less time in volatile conditions, but your car will have had ample time to warm up and keep them from freezing.

2. Bundle them up (you too!)

When temperatures are below freezing, having your arrangements and bouquets double bagged will protect them from freezing.  Make sure there's a pocket of air in the bag to act as an insulator.  And don't leave them in the cold car!  A few minutes is all it takes for them to perish.

3. Display your blooms carefully.

While an arrangement may look nice in an entryway or by a window, the cold air won't let them age well.  Place them away from vents, opening doors, or poorly-insulated windows for ideal display.  And, putting them in the fridge overnight will help preserve cut flowers for an even longer display time.

4. Don't forget about plants.

As the air temperature drops, plants can dry out just like our skin.  Make sure to check their soil more often and hydrate as needed.

5. Let us do the work instead!

If facing the great outdoors makes you shiver, give us a call and set up a delivery!  We'll do all the work and make sure your flowers make it to their destinations safely, while you cozy up with a blanket and a warm drink.

We hope you're keeping warm during this cold snap, and here's to warmer days ahead!

-Your flower-loving friends at Hummingbird Floral and Gift

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Thank You for a Wonderful Year

As the year comes to a close, we want to take a moment to be thankful.  It's been an eventful year.  Between Valentine's day, Mother's day, and Christmas, we've used thousands of red roses and countless other flowers.

Spring and Easter brought an influx of peace lilies. Our summer garden was a beautiful success, and we enjoyed looking at the flowers while we worked and communing with the fish and frogs when we went outside.

The winter season brought an avalanche of poinsettias, Christmas tree ornaments, greenery, and package after package of red roses!

It's been crazy, busy, exciting, crowded, and unforgettable, and we've loved every minute of it.

So while the last few days of the year tick away, stop by one more time for 25% off select winter merchandise.

Thank you for the most exciting year yet.  We hope for many more flower-filled days in 2018!
-Your flower-loving friends at Hummingbird Floral and Gift.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Product Feature: Luminara Candles

For cozy, classic home decor, nothing beats a gently flickering candle-but lit candles are often a hazard for forgetful homes.  This is where the Luminara candle comes in.

Some of the classic pillar candles
Luminara candles are the most realistic battery-operated candles we've seen here at Hummingbird.  Not only does the light dim and brighten like the real thing, but the 'flame' itself wiggles and sways. making it almost indistinguishable from a live candle.  

Luminara offers a range of candles in different sizes, colors, and textures.  They range from birch-wrapped for a rustic theme to beveled tops that look as if the candle has melted down with use.

What makes these candles extra-impressive is the timer setting, so they will automatically shut down after a few hours and let you save on battery costs!

We couldn't be more impressed with Luminara candles, and love having them around the shop.  We hope you'll find the perfect candle for your home as well.

-Your flower-loving friends at Hummingbird Floral and Gift

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Winter Greens: What to look for winter 2017

Sure, everyone likes the red, white, and green flowers that make up winter arrangements, but what about the greens?  Greenery used in the winter can elevate a design from a standard arrangement to a spectacular winter-themed design.  So what kind of greens are used in the winter to make these arrangements?

White pine:

Image result for white pine

White pine is the longer-needled pine often seen during the colder months.  Despite its sharp needles, this green actually adds a softer, willowy look to an arrangement.

Princess Pine:

Image result for princess pine

In contrast to white pine, princess pine has short, tight needles that add structure to a piece.

Variegated Holly:

Image result for variegated holly greens

While wild type holly has leaves that are fully green, variegated holly has been developed to have a cream piping around the edges to stand out against other greens.  Plus, the bright red berries add a colorful pop to an arrangement!

Seeded Eucalyptus:

Image result for seeded eucalyptus

Seeded eucalyptus is available year round, but it really shines in winter designs.  The faded green also looks wonderful as a garland on a mantel or table.

So, next time you get a winter arrangement, look at the greens as well as the flowers, they might be just as pretty!

-Your flower (and greens!) loving friends at Hummingbird Floral and Gift.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Product Feature: Abdallah Candies

On thing that's always a customer favorite in the store can be found right by the register: our candy display!  We stock a variety of candies from Abdallah, a local company we love and want to share more about.

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Abdallah started in Minneapolis in 1909, when Albert (the original owner), would hand make every batch of candy, tweaking it to make sure it was made to perfection.  Through wars, recessions, and even an explosion that destroyed the building, Albert was committed to creating only the very best candies and chocolates.

Caramel Grizzlies, one of the most popular treats.
Today, with a home base of Apple Valley, Minnesota, Abdallah continues to make a variety of treats locally, a fourth generation, family owned business.  So, given the season, what kinds of holiday delights are available? 

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Lump of Coal: children of all ages will enjoy this tasty twist on the dreaded lump of coal-marshmallows covered in dark chocolate!

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Reindeer food: Simple malted milk balls get a festive upgrade with bright, seasonal colors. 

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Holiday Gift Pack:  Not sure what kinds of chocolate your friends or family will enjoy?  Try this sampler, with a little bit of everything.

So if you're in need of some tasty stocking stuffers or a treat for a holiday party, check out Abdallah for candies and chocolate that will sure to impress.

-Your flower-loving friends at Hummingbird Floral and Gift.