Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Easter Week: What You Need To Know

Easter Sunday is coming this week, so here are some reminders and tips for you to have the best Easter ever!

1. Order early

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If you'd like a centerpiece arrangement or plant for your Sunday dinner, place your order this week!  We will be closed Easter Sunday, but will be delivering all week and Saturday.

2. Easter lilies and pets

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Remember that Easter lilies are one of the most toxic plants for pets.  For households with curious cats, a better option would be tulips, sunflowers, or irises, which are much less toxic. Many people don't know that we also carry a wide variety of silk flowers, and can custom-create a lovely centerpiece or wreath for your home if your pets are relentless flower hunters.

3.  New Easter decor!

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Our shop has had an explosion of spring and Easter decor and gifts. Lots of new lines and brands to explore, come by and take a look around!

Here are some holidays to keep in mind as we head into spring:

Easter: April 1

Administrative professionals day-April 25

Mother's day-May 13

We look forward to all the fun we'll have in spring, and hope you'll join us.

-Your flower-loving friends at Hummingbird Floral and Gifts

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Scent-tous: National Fragrance Week

This week is national fragrance week, so we'd like to highlight just some of the favorite scents we have around the store.

Good Earth Soap: Lilac soy candle


We're in love with the summery scents of the Good Earth candles, especially the eco-friendly, clean burning lilac scent.  Anyone who has smelled fresh lilac bushes during the summer will recognize this scent, and its adorable mason jar container adds a touch of character to wherever you like to burn candles.

Michel Design Works: Honey Almond soy wax travel candle


It's hard to chose just one favorite from the Michel Designs collection of scents, but Honey Almond is hard to beat.  A very sweet yet mild scent in a petite container so you can bring it to every room in the house-and outdoors too!

Lampe Berger: Fresh Mint

200ml refill Fresh Mint – the scented bouquet refill – Collection Parfum Berger – home fragrance – freshness

If you're unfamiliar with Lampe Berger, they are a French company specializing in fragrance 'lamps' that can be loaded with any of a wide variety of scents designed to not only freshen the air, but actually remove common household odors.  With its clean, fresh notes, Fresh Mint is a good starter scent. (pst-Lampe Berger products make the perfect Mother's Day gift!)

This is just a small taste of the dozens of scents we carry in  store, so come by and take a look (or sniff) around to find the perfect match for you!

-Your Flower-loving friends at Hummingbird Floral and Gift.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Make a Marshmallow Flower-This Saturday!

Come in the store this Saturday, March 24 from 2-4 PM for a fun spring-themed treat: marshmallow flowers!

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Learn how to arrange marshmallows into colorful floral arrangements-and then eat them, of course. 

Cost is free!  Please RSVP to 651-486-0403 to secure a spot.  We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Seeing Green:Shamrock Plants!

St. Patrick's Day is this week, so to get in the spirit here's a quick care guide for a classic green plant: the Oxalis or Shamrock plant.

Oxalis are often confused for clover plants, so to tell them apart, look at the leaves: clover leaves are rounded at the ends while Oxalis leaves are square.

The nice thing about Oxalis plants is that they stay petite, usually under 6 inches in diameter, making them perfect for small spaces.  They also bloom several times during fall, winter and spring, with simple white flowers that add charm to any indoor space.

And if green isn't your color, the Oxalis can also be found in a deep purple.

Image result for purple oxalis

Another unique aspect of Shamrock plants is how they rest: when the sun goes down their leaves fold down like an umbrella to conserve energy, and spring right back up in the morning!

Care for the Oxalis is fairly straightforward, they enjoy sunny spaces while in a period of growth, and slightly more shaded areas when dormant.  Pinch off dead flowers regularly.

While it is in a growing phase, water your shamrock when the soil feels dry, and fertilize with a plant fertilizer every month.  When it enters dormancy during the summer, the leaves will begin to die back, so stop watering and fertilizing and let it rest in a cooler, darker location until you see new growth.

Some varieties can do well in outdoor pots during the warmer months, but will need to be brought inside before the first frost of the year.

All in all, Shamrock plants are wonderful low effort plants that will bring a touch of color to your space year round.

Wishing you a lucky St. Patrick's day full of green!

-Your flower-loving friends at Hummingbird Floral and Gifts

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

International Women's Day: Spotlight

International Women's Day is Thursday, so we'd like to take a moment and highlight some of the women-owned businesses we love here at the shop. 

Sunleaf Naturals

SunLeaf founder Teresa Andrys, SunLeaf ingredients and products

Sunleaf Naturals of Waconia, MN is just one of the over 20 Women Owned product lines featured at Hummingbird Floral and Gifts.   Founded and owned by Teresa Andrys, Sunleaf Naturals is committed to 100% natural plant based ingredients.  Her essential oils are 100% with no synthetics and she uses non-GMO and certified organic botanicals when available.

We began carrying the products in 20017 and are proud to carry several Sunleaf Naturals lines.  We carry Single Note Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends for DIY bath products and personal aromatherapy.  We also feature reed diffusers and electronic oil diffusers for home fragrance.

As a Minnesota based company and employer, Sunleaf donates 5% to protecting fresh water resources in our area. 



Michele Mangiacotti started her body care line in Massachusetts in 2006 and was picked up by Hummingbird Floral and Gifts in 2017.  Mangiacotti's line of plant based essential oil infused fragrances combine feel-good ingredients with elegant, enviornmentally conscious packaging.

Hummingbird Floral and Gift proudly carries several Mangiacotti lines.  We feature hand creams, hand sanitizers, lip therapy for the body and candles and cleaning spray for the home.  

Mangiacotti is more than just pretty fragrances!  The company was recently featured on "Good Morning America" on February 22 because of their "See the Good Project".  "See The Good Project" provides employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities in packaging the company's products. 

Michel Design Works


In 1980, Deborah Michel made her first product: "Our Country Diary". A journal to record observations, the quality paper and beautiful graphics catapulted Michel Design Works into the powerhouse it is today.

Hummingbird Floral and Gifts has been carrying Michel Design Works from the beginning.  The exceptional designs and packaging makes Michel Designs gift worthy for every occasion and decor.  Her home furnishings line include pillows, melamine serving pieces, candles, reed diffusers, kitchen textiles and paper hostess napkins.  We also carry her lines of scented personal care items like lotions, soaps, body lotions and creams that coordinate with her home items.

Anne Koplik Designs

Anne Koplik Designs began in the early 1980s when Anne was a young woman in New York City.  Inspired by her mother, a NYC milliner in the 1920s, Anne had an eye for classic, vintage designs and quickly sold out at her sister's Cedarhurst, NY boutique. 

Now in business with her daughters Jill and Kara, Anne Koplik still designs and creates jewelry by American artisans and uses Swarvoski crystals in her creations. Anne's designs are glamorous enough to be featured on "Dancing with the Stars" and wearable enough for daily wear sparkle.

AKD Gives is Anne Koplik Design's charitable foundation that supports many worthy causes in the New York area. Hummingbird Floral and Gifts was thrilled to add Anne Koplik's line of jewelry in 2015.


Lugene Olson started this floral business in 2010, and we have been very blessed to have been welcomed by the community.  We love being your local florist!

This is just a small taste of the women-owned businesses we carry at our store.  Come by to check out these products and more!

All guests this Thursday can pick up a complimentary rose in celebration of women-led business.

-Your flower-loving friends at Hummingbird Floral and Gift.