Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Scent-tous: National Fragrance Week

This week is national fragrance week, so we'd like to highlight just some of the favorite scents we have around the store.

Good Earth Soap: Lilac soy candle


We're in love with the summery scents of the Good Earth candles, especially the eco-friendly, clean burning lilac scent.  Anyone who has smelled fresh lilac bushes during the summer will recognize this scent, and its adorable mason jar container adds a touch of character to wherever you like to burn candles.

Michel Design Works: Honey Almond soy wax travel candle


It's hard to chose just one favorite from the Michel Designs collection of scents, but Honey Almond is hard to beat.  A very sweet yet mild scent in a petite container so you can bring it to every room in the house-and outdoors too!

Lampe Berger: Fresh Mint

200ml refill Fresh Mint – the scented bouquet refill – Collection Parfum Berger – home fragrance – freshness

If you're unfamiliar with Lampe Berger, they are a French company specializing in fragrance 'lamps' that can be loaded with any of a wide variety of scents designed to not only freshen the air, but actually remove common household odors.  With its clean, fresh notes, Fresh Mint is a good starter scent. (pst-Lampe Berger products make the perfect Mother's Day gift!)

This is just a small taste of the dozens of scents we carry in  store, so come by and take a look (or sniff) around to find the perfect match for you!

-Your Flower-loving friends at Hummingbird Floral and Gift.

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