Tuesday, July 25, 2017

4 Flowers you can EAT?!

Among the most unique trends in desserts this year comes edible flowers.  That's right: real, live flowers you can use to decorate cakes, cookies, and any other desserts you can think of.

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flowers can turn a cake from dull to dazzling

So which flowers can be used to create a memorable dessert that will have all your friends talking?  

Dandelions: Dandelions have been used as a food item ever since the Great Depression, when savvy families would gather them by the bucketful.  Every part of the dandelion is edible, from the root to the petals.  Their petals make a nice, sprinkle-like addition to the tops of cupcakes or cookies.

Image result for edible flowers cupcake
Use flower petals with sprinkles to create the ultimate topping

Carnations: Carnation petals, when removed from the white base (which is bitter) are sweet and soft.  And with red, white, pink, and orange colors to choose from, they're perfect for pressing into the frosting of cakes.

Roses: Roses have a wide variety of flavors, from citrus to mint to spice.  Serve small spray rose petals on top of ice cream or large standard rose petals in salads.  Again, remove the bitter white petal base for the best flavors.

Image result for edible flowers ice cream
You can even serve ice cream inside flowers for a sweet suprise
Violets: Vivid violet petals can be crystallized to add to summer iced drinks for a sweet kick.

Disclaimer: Always do research before eating flowers.  Never eat flowers that have not been gathered specifically for consumption.  Use flowers sparingly in food.  

We used What's Cooking America's guide to edible flowers.  Good Housekeeping  has an article about sourcing safe edible flowers.

What do YOU think?  Have you ever tried edible flowers?  Let us know your experiences with them in a comment below!

-Your flower-loving friends at Hummingbird Floral and Gift

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